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Heath Pfaff
Heath Pfaff
The first editing pass on book 2 is all finished now. I'll be packaging it up and sending out beta copies in the next couple of days. I think it came out well.
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Heath Pfaff
Heath Pfaff
The first editing pass on Book 2 of The Will and the Way is about halfway done. I'll be sending out beta reading copies when that's all finished up.

Book 3 is coming along, though it won't be out quite as quickly as Book 2 will be out after the first. I had a good head start on the second book in the series as it was, at the time, all going to be one giant book. As I finish the notes for Book 3 I realize that I would have never managed that goal anyway. There will be at least four books in this series, possibly more, and I'm not sure they'll all be from Lillin's perspective.

That's it for this update! Thanks for reading. :)
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Heath Pfaff
Heath Pfaff
The audio book version of Warden's Will is being recorded right now and it's coming along very nicely. The voice over artist for the project is Tiffany Marz, an up and coming star in the VO world, and I'm very fortunate to have her working on this project with me. Her performance of Lillin is exactly what the character needed.



You can hear some of her work and learn more about her at the following links:

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Heath Pfaff
Heath Pfaff shared their post.
Another reminder, trying to help raise funds for Hannah, a wonderful person who has helped me with my books a great deal over the years. If you've read anything of mine starting back with Servant of Steel then you've read work that she has helped me with.

This is also the only way I'm taking beta readers for book two of The Will and The Way. Donate, message me, and I'll add you to the list. See my previous post for more details:


Money is tight for everyone this time of the year, but there is no minimum (that I'm aware of) on donations through gofundme. Even strapped for cash my wife and I found something to give.

If I seem a bit push on this, it's because Hannah is a terrific person, an incredible human being, and this has been a terrible time for her family. She's always ready to help someone else. Let's help her this time.
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Heath Pfaff
Heath Pfaff
Hello again, friends. This is another plea to try and drum up support to help Hannah and her family get through the expenses associated with the loss of her father.

Incentives. Any donation will get you on a list of beta readers for the new book. This is the only way I'll be taking beta readers on book 2. Donate any amount you want and let me know in a private message or in the comments here.

A donation of $15 or more will get you on a permanent beta reader list. I will add your e-mail to a list of folks who will ALWAYS get first access to my material as I finish it up. I likely won't be making this offer again.

A donation of $30 or more will get you all of the above access, and I'll also send you an e-book version of the special edition of Chaos Awakens featuring all three of the endings I originally wrote for the series.

In addition to these rewards, every donation will get you a hand written letter of thanks that might include some other small things.

Please guys, this is important to me.

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