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CONTEST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, fans! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you about the contest I'd planned on running, but life has - as ever - been interesting. Today, however, I'd like to announce a new contest!

I need to get some more reviews rolling in for the Chaos Awakens books, and you guys can help me with that! Here is the deal, every review you post on a Chaos Awakens book will get you one entry into the contest, and at the end of the contest time frame I will draw winners from the contest entries and hand out prizes.

That means you could have as many as FOUR entries just by writing quick reviews on amazon!

In addition, sharing and liking this status will give you another entry! For bonus points you can post a review over on Goodreads, and you'll get one more additional entry per reviewed book over there! that means you can have a maximum of 9 entries!

There are technically only three books in the series, but if you've read all three you can review the whole series as well!

Here is the part of this that you guys are actually interested in, the prizes! These are the items that I will be giving away to the people whose names are picked at the end of the contest.

A Kindle E-reader with copies of all my books and short stories.

Signed hard copies of books!

Signed bookmarks!

AND a lucky few who enter will get a free preview of my latest fantasy book The Will and The Way months and months before it's due to be released.

To be clear JUST LIKING AND SHARING THIS WILL NOT GET YOU AN ENTRY. You have to put in at least one review to get an entry, but if you do that AND LIKE AND SHARE THIS, you get the bonus entry.

Here are the Amazon links to the books:

Chaos Awakens:

Servant of Steel:

Crown of Steel

City of Steel

Reviews, especially on the later volumes and the complete set, are REALLY important to me. This contest is awesome because it gives you guys a chance to get some cool free stuff, but it's also a huge help to me. Reviews help me sell books.

After you post your reviews, post a comment here with your username on amazon/goodreads so your reviews can be verified. If you've already reviewed some of the books on those sites, well YAY! Part of your work is already done!

I'll be updating and posting more links to this over the next month. The tentative end date is August 7th, so one month from now, but I might extend it if there are some people still working on it.

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I'm working on details for the new giveaway, but I'm thinking it will be a review contest to drum up some new reviews for Xan's saga. The poor man needs reviews!

Prizes that will be up for grabs:
Signed Hard Copies of Books
Signed Hard Copies of SPECIAL EDITION Books
Preview Access to the first bit of The Will and the Way (the new book)
A Kinkle E-ink Reader with all of my books and short stories.

There may be some other stuff, but that is what I KNOW I'll be giving away.

What do you guys think?

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Thanks to my lovely wife getting some extra part-time work we will be giving away a Kindle E-Reader soon. Make sure you keep your eyes on this page if you want a chance to win! ...

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Welcome to the new fan page! I'll be giving away some free books soon, so keep your eyes open! ...

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