About Me


This is my war face.

Hi!  My names Heath Pfaff and I’m the writer and creator of several fantasy worlds.   You’ve probably gotten that figured out already if you’re here.  So what else is there to know about me?

I live in rural western New York, far form the bustle of city life.  I have cats.  Too many cats.


This is SOME of the cats.

I play a few instruments, love video games, reading and writing.  I’m Married to a beautiful woman named Jennifer.  I have a terrible internet connection, the price of living in the country.  Brownies are my favorite food.  I spend my days working with my best friend, Hannah.

Between moments of writing I like to tinker with electronics and computers.  Occasionally I enjoy working on crafts, sewing or other things that I’m very bad at.

That, my friends, is my life!  Try not to be overwhelmed with excitement.

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